Norwegian language and social studies course for adult immigrants

The courses are divided into various levels, in coherence with national curricula. You can find more information on The teacher is Irena Jørstad and the courses usually take place at Finnøy Sentralskule at Judaberg in Finnøy. Courses for beginners start in September and in April.  

Courses for intermediate and advanced students start in September and in January. Classes for beginners meet twice a week, for intermediate and advanced students once week, for 10 weeks in duration. The autumn semester has 43 hours, whereas the spring semester has 54 hours. As a general rule, we offer evening courses, but when there are enough applicants, day courses are also on offer.

Hourly rates are set by the municipal council for each calendar year. In 2017 these rates apply:

Students with right and obligation: free tuition

Students with obligation: 80 kr. per hour

Others: 110 kr. per hour


Teaching material. Beginners use the book "På vei" (levels A1 and A2).

Intermediate students use "Stein på stein" (level B1).

Advanced students use "Her på berget" (level B2; preparation for the “Bergenstesten”, proficiency level test)

Each book costs approx. 350 kr.


The tuition ends with a test. These tests measure spoken and written competence in the Norwegian language. They come at different levels, test A1-A2, test A2-B1 and “Bergenstesten" (level B2). The tests have oral and written parts. It is not mandatory to take both tests at the same time. The written test is conducted on a computer (a digital test), the oral test is taken in presence of an examiner and a censor. Tests are taken at the Johannes Læringssenter in Stavanger; the Bergenstesten at Kannik skole in Stavanger. For students who are defined as students with right and obligation and have tuition for free, these tests are mandatory. Finnøy municipality covers the expenses for the first test for students who attend Norwegian courses here. In case a student would like to take more tests, or fails the test, he/she must pay for the next test himself or herself.


Information about Norwegian courses is available on the Finnøy mucipality web page,, in the local newspaper, and on the posters around islands in the municipality.


Apply to Irena Jørstad by mail or telephone: Email: ; telephone 995 77 757. Office hours: Tuesdays 0900-1200, at the town hall at Judaberg. For more information, contact Irena, see above, or the Pedagogic advisor at the Oppvekst office, telephone 51 71 47 31.


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